Before coming up with an overall list of my books of the year, I thought it’d be fun to make different categories of favourite books I’ve read in 2016. I’ll make videos briefly discussing each book. I’m going to start by listing ten debut novels published in the UK during 2016 that I've loved reading. They include a historical novel about whaling, a story of introversion/artistic expression, a small town mystery centred around two charismatic girls, a teenager in a murderous 60s cult, vicious passion in Georgian London, tragic love in the Middle East, a family saga buried within a magnificent library, a father/son tale of emotional disconnection, an eerie remote fishing village and an absorbing novel about Soviet spies in mid-century Britain. Watch me discuss my top ten picks of distinctive & original new voices in fiction from 2016 here:

Have you read any great debut novels this year? Is so, let me know about them in the comments.

AuthorEric Karl Anderson