My earliest memory of reading is when I was around six years old in my hometown of Scarborough, Maine. Without thinking about the time my father and I stayed up till late at night - me in my bed reading a fantasy novel aloud while my father sat at the side helping with any tricky words I stumbled on. I never wanted to go to sleep until I found out what happened next. My passion for turning the page till I know the whole story has continued throughout my life. From reading at the back of science class in high school to reading for a few precious minutes on my morning commute to work to walking through the streets of London listening to the audio book of Virginia Woolf’s The Waves. I created this blog to record my thoughts about what I'm reading as a way to remember what I've read (this gets harder the older I get), think more critically about what I do read and open up communication with other other readers.

I’ve also done a fair amount of writing of my own publishing under my full name Eric Karl Anderson (since my first and surname are so common and dull). My novel ENOUGH won the Pearl Street Publishing First Book Award and I’ve had stories published in many journals and anthologies. You can read my story 'Making Tea in the Dark' which was published online here in The Wells Street Journal.

I work in online marketing full time. On weekends I work as a masseur. I also like baking muffins and watching disaster movies.

You can read more about me and my bookshelves in this interview with Savidge Reads:

I was honoured that legendary supermodel and inspiration RuPaul praised my blog on his podcast What's the Tee? after I recommended he read Damon Galgut's novel "Arctic Summer." You can listen to him here:

I love to find people to chat about books with so please comment, get in touch through Twitter @lonesomereader, or email