Frustrated that you aren't reading as many books as you'd like? Here are some simple steps to keep you focused on the page.


- Do not recharge phone/tablet/computer for one week. With limited battery in your devices you'll be much less likely to spend hours scanning the web and social network sites.   


- On your work commute keep your eyes on your book rather than the hot guy/girl sitting across from you. Although they look pretty they are probably illiterate and dull.

- Don't bother watching any new seasons from HBO series. When asked by friends what you think of new episodes reply “It's not as good as season one.”


- Think of how smug you'll feel when talking about books with people: “Oh you still haven't read The Goldfinch YET?!?!”


- Keep in mind how much better you'll feel about yourself at the end of the day when you've read a lot rather than eating a large pepperoni pizza and watching reality shows about people struggling to find love or lose weight.


- Get a cat with large claws to sit on your lap while you read. After the cat curls up in your lap getting warm and comfortable it won't want to move. If you try to get up from reading it will dig its claws into you and won't allow you to get up so you'll be forced to continue sitting there reading. 


- If you're not getting anything out of what you're reading stop and read something else. How many times have you found your mind wandering while staring at a dull page of prose? How many times have you found yourself reading a page over and over because it isn't grabbing your attention? How many times have you persevered reading something because it feels like this is a book you should read rather than what you want to read? Stop wasting your time and pick up a book that you can actually engage with.

AuthorEric Karl Anderson