Okay so maybe the title of this blog is a bit overdramatic and self-pitying sounding. But I figure it’s time for me to start my own repository for all my thoughts and feelings about reading since I have so few people to share them with. Usually reading is a solitary activity and, while in the midst of a strong book you feel like you’re on an elevated cerebral plane, once you close those covers (or shut down your e-reader) there is no one there but you by yourself mulling over what you’ve taken in. Maybe my posts will prompt a discussion or debate or I’ll be challenged in a way I can’t be sitting here in a vacuum of my own thoughts. Or maybe no one will bother reading my posts. If nothing else this will give me a chance to catalogue my impressions of the books I read rather than putting the book I’ve just finished reading back on the shelf and coming across it years later wondering ‘Now what did I think of that book?’ I’ve already recorded my thoughts about books in one form or another for years in various book journals or joining in a book group or writing reviews on Amazon or reviewing books for an arts journal called Chroma’s book blog. I should have struck out on my own like this years ago, but there’s no time like the present so here it is. Thanks for reading.


By the way, this image is from one of my favourite films called Born Yesterday starring Judy Holliday – an extremely intelligent gifted actress whose life and career was tragically cut short. In this film she transforms from a ditzy superficial gangster’s girlfriend to a book worm who stands up for herself.

AuthorEric Karl Anderson
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