I'm not sure how much people are enjoying these lists, but I think it's fun to make them so I've picked out my top ten historical novels from 2016. These include a novel about a 17th century female aristocrat branded as mad, a star of Parisian opera houses who comes from humble beginnings, a dual tale with a mysterious painting at its centre, a talented Russian composer's struggle for artistic integrity, a fishery girl's reinvention of her life down under, a treacherous 19th century whaling voyage, neutrality in Switzerland, the victims of a South Korean uprising, a family saga set through Communist China and an inventive take on abolitionism in the American south. Watch me discuss these ten magnificent novels here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T2XcMqfcYQ

What makes a good historical novel for you and have you read any excellent ones recently?

AuthorEric Karl Anderson