I may not be updating this blog as frequently as I have been because I'm working on my novel. This is the only mention I'll make of this as I'm self-consciously aware how contradictory it is to continuously go on social media and blogs discussing the writing you are apparently working on. There is even a hilarious/tragic Penguin book and twitter account dedicated to sending up writers who are apparently “working on my novel.”


The thing is I have a great opportunity. An editor at a major publisher has expressed an interest in a novel I've been writing for some time. He's gone out of his way to meet with me and edit my writing. Anyone who cynically says publishing houses are only filled with marketers looking to increase profits are wrong because there are editors with a true passion for writers/writing. This happened by chance and is unconnected with this blog. It came about as a side effect after a job interview I went for. Who knows if it will come to anything, but it'll be great motivation to carry on and write more. As you can probably tell from mentions I've made before about stories I've written being published and my heavy engagement with what I read that I like to write myself. I've been publishing my own fiction for years in literary reviews and anthologies. I had a short novel published with a small press that won a book award when I was fresh out of college.

I love reading and using this blog to better articulate how I feel about what I'm reading as well as connecting with other passionate readers. But between doing a full-time job, working as a massage therapist on weekends and working on my own writing I don't think I'll have as much time to read and write about what I'm reading. There will still be updates. Just not as many. Of course, if I could spend all my time reading and talking about books with people I would. I'm not paid for doing this blog; in fact, I pay to keep it. It's a pure passion project and I only write about books I'm interested in. But the new year is motivating me to get my priorities straight. This could be a great opportunity and I ought to go for it. No doubt I'll still be checking in with other blogs and hearing what others are reading. My already mile-high “to be read” pile will no doubt continue to grow exponentially. The great thing about books is that they'll always be there waiting to be read.

AuthorEric Karl Anderson